Image by LiV staff
Image by LiV staff

Traveling a lot I always find myself in the most interesting places, unique situations, and awkward positions. This is going to be one of those days and one of those stories. This is the day I was introduced to Shanty Town Pub.

Walking around Springfield, a small eclectic neighborhood just north of Downtown Jacksonville, I was met by a hipster on a bike asking me, “what you up to?”  It just so happened on this day I was doing some research on the many murals that are located in the area. A mission of discovery and enlightenment. My assignment was to just get a few images of the murals, discover a few new ones, and then be done for the day.

No sooner than I explained what I was up to, I was then abruptly asked if I liked cheap, cold beer. My answer was an immediate yes. Keep in mind that it was about 1,000 degrees outside in the sun and I was looking for anything cold, including an A/C and a drink.  The next thing out of said hipsters mouth was, “you have to come with me bro, I have a something you gotta see….”

Who could say no to that offer?  I knew the adventure was just getting started but, what I didn’t know was if it would be an interesting place, a unique situation, an awkward position or all of the above.

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